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Waxwing close-up

Photos of the Month

Each month we will publish the best shots sent into the village website. If you have a photo recently taken that you are proud of just email it to


We have youngsters! Juvenile woodpecker taken by Graham Eckworth.

Bee Orchid 1st June 2024, taken in a garden in Thursford. Part of the garden was saved for nature in 2017. Colonised by Ox-eye daisies, Yellow Rattle, Meadow Cranesbill and Vetch, the plot has flowered every year. And the prize this year is the sudden appearance of three Bee Orchids.

Roe Deer taken by Grahame Eckworth in the Cushing's woods off Heath Lane.

Roe Deer

'Time Stands Still' taken on 1st May by CJR on the meadow alongside Clarks Lane. 

May Dandelions
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