Thursford Assist

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Thursford Assist

Call Chris and Janet on 01328 878476, Nigel on 07826 067935 or Lance on 01328 878933

Who are Thursford Assist?

We are a small group of volunteers, supported by Thursford Parish Council, who have come together to give support to people in the village when they need it. You may be recovering from an illness, struggling on account of bad weather or finding as you get older, achieving some of the small things you used to take for granted can get more and more difficult. Or you may simply be new to the village and looking for information about local services or a welcome chat.

What type of assistance is on hand?

We are happy to provide a range of short-term assistance.
It might be:
Doing a bit of shopping.
Picking up prescriptions or walking the dog when it's difficult for you.
Carrying out minor repairs or changing a hard to reach light bulb.
Help in times of snow and other bad weather.
Putting the wheelie bins out.
Simply a friendly call to make sure everything is OK.

There’s information too.

We have prepared a ‘trusted supplier list’ for larger jobs and an A – Z of information about our community, to give you advice on services you may not be aware of that are available to those who live in Thursford.

Who to contact?

If you’d like a helping hand now or feel that you might do in the future give us a call. One of our group will pop round for a chat, find out your particular need and discuss how we might help, keeping everything confidential, of course.

Call Chris and Janet on 01328 878476, Nigel on 07826 067935 or Lance on 01328 878933





If you have local information you would like to see on the site, send us an email.