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Statement Of Persons Nominated for Election as a County Councillor for Norfolk County Council

Below is a list of candidates for the Thursday 6th May County Council elections.

The polling stations will be open from 7am to 10pm.

St Andrew's

New St Andrew's Guide Just Published.

In preparation for the future full re-opening of the church a new guide has been produced that takes visitors on a tour of the building. Complete with a floor plan, the guide provides an understanding of the key features of St Andrew's and how it has developed through medieval, victorian and more modern times. Full of colur photographs it is hoped that the guide will be interesting and entertaining for visitors, as well as providing a take-away souvenir.

All proceeds will go towards the running of the church.

Blue tit on plumtree

Mobile Library Returns to Thursford.

The library is now back on its schedule, visiting Thursford on 21st May, 18th June and 16th July. The library will stop at Sation Road - 1.50pm, the Methodist Chapel - 3.35pm and outside Clove Cottage - 4pm.








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