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The Thursford Village Archive Group.

Are you interested in forming such a group?

What’s involved?

Many local villages have small groups of people united by an interest in the history of the place they live in. They also accept that recording each and every change that takes place should be recorded in some way for the future. So, when people move in and out of the village, when buildings are built, demolished or changed in some way, the earlier building and the new one should be photographed. People’s memories of the past too should be recorded before those stories are lost forever.

An Archive Group create opportunities for people to see what has been collected and then to add to it with their own facts and photographs.

This is usually done by establishing regular and usually infrequent meetings whereby this process can be established.

People are encouraged to bring in items that can be photographed on the spot and added to the Archive, enriching it over time. In special cases, members of such a group may have their own areas of interest, in which case they will specialise.

Finally, it is very important that the group works together to direct the Archive, rather than letting it become the personal Archive of just one person in the group. It must be a village Archive and not just the memories, facts and photographs of just one person. It will be apparent in the photographs Nigel has collected since 2007. But there are many other facets of village life in Thursford that Nigel has not collected.

It is Thursford Village’s Archive, a collection of facts, memories and photographs of life here as we all see it and remember it.
Forming an Archive Group will help to make the Archive much more democratic.

The work is very enjoyable and the recording of village events both in the past and in the future has great

If you live, or once lived in Thursford, you will have left your mark in some way. The Archive is all about recording the part you or your family will have played in its history. Family photographs showing people living at a particular house, or people who did something of significance in the village should be recorded. Personal memories of events in the past are very important too. Any picture taken in Thursford will probably have a scene or a person, who has a story to tell.

Photographs can be copied if suitable.
Any item(s) handed in will be carefully copied and returned.