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Welcome to the Thursford Village Archive Website
A collection of historical and present day photographs, artefacts, reserach and people's memories.

The site is a starting point to make available and share information that is being gathered in the village archive. We would like to add to this photographs and information you may have on the village, its people, buildings and history - making it a living archive for today and the future.


The Aims of the Archive:
1. To collect both modern and historical
2. To record people’s memories of Thursford.
3. To preserve any artefacts with a link to the village.
4. To display any researched projects on the village web site

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The photo archive a small selection.

Engine Yard School Cricket Club ShopStation

PP Boulter

Flying Officer Phillip Pullyn Boulter of Thursford
On 14/15th January 1944, the RAF launched its first major raid against the city of Braunschweig in Lower Saxony, Germany. 500 Lancaster bombers .... more

The Thursford Auxiliaries
The latest research on the secret army in Thursford 1940-1944. Who they were, why they were recruited and what they were trained to do.... more

Churchill's Bunker
Discovery of this undeground phenomenon in a private garden in Thursford, is additional evidence of Winston Churchills plan to create a secret army.... more

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Thursford and the river ‘Thur’
Approach anyone in the street and ask about the origins of a place name ending in ‘–ford’ and the answer is bound to be “Oh, it must be a place with a ford over a river”; .... more

Gate post

Thursford Castle and the English Poor Laws
A system of poor relief was first introduced by Edward III in 1349 in response to an outbreak of Black Death in England which killed 30-40% of the population. .... more


A potted history of Thursford
The village of Thursford is mentioned in the Domesday Book, the survey of England made in 1086 at the request of William the Conqueror. .... more