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Thursford Green Allotments


The allotments were conceived back in 2010; our local farmers were approached and Kevin and Brian Plumbly agreed a patch of land which we now rent.  We are very grateful for this gesture, without them nothing would have happened.

It is a great community project as well as bringing us, as a group closer together, many people both local or those staying locally walk down this way and sometimes it's difficult to get on without chatting the hour away.

Looking at the allotments today it is amazing the effort and enthusiasm that has transformed a corner of Thursford into a little garden of Eden from a bunch of gardeners of varying experience and available time.  There is something quite different about gardening in this beautiful wild spot than in our own domestic gardens.

The ground is challenging.  It being pretty boggy in the winter with a massive seed bank to overcome in the growing season.  We also appreciate how in the past whole families were employed to pick stones from the fields!  So it is interesting to see everybody's approach to these problems and how different they are, as you wander around and marvel at the solutions employed.